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Re: Blonde jokes

Not so.  Any biologist should be familiar with the fact that recessive genes
do not become extinct over time.  Only if there is a selective disadvantage
to the recessive gene will it's frequency decrease.  I can't remember the
biological law that describes this situation (it's been too long since
college) but just being recessive does not mean the gene is on it's way out
of the gene pool.

Think about it.  If this were so, there would be almost no recessive genes.
Life has been evolving for millions of years and all the recessives would be
gone by now if this were true.  Lots of recessive traits are lurking in our
genetics and that of all other life forms.

Sometimes conditions change so that these recessives confer a reproductive
advantage; then their frequency will increase.  (In the case of natural
blondes, for example, if blondes began reproducing in far greater proportion
than brunettes, the frequency of blondes would increase.)

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Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 2:27 PM
Subject: RC: Blonde jokes

>Heard on the radio today, that blonde hair is recessive and that
>the true blonde will be come extinct, due to the fact of all the darker
>haired and darker skinned people marring the blondes.
>There was no time frame mentioned.
>central Florida
>On Mon, 04 Oct 1999 21:33:25 -0600 Lif Strand <>
>> OK, so what I want to know is how this blond joke thing started...
>> and
>> why it has to be blond women?  Can we get serious here and ask if
>> this
>> is genetic?  Or what?
>> Lif (not blond, phew! but worrying that a few grey hairs might begin
>> to
>> look like blond from a distance)
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