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Re: RC: Re: RC:EN content

At 09:48 PM 10/06/1999 -0700, wrote:
>first joined AERC, and while its nice to have all the ride results printed  I
>don't see the need for them to be printed twice.  Guess I'm in the minority
>again but they are the least sections of both my EN and my yearbook.

Ahhh.....but Teresa if it weren't for the double printing of results, the 
yearbook would be *really* incorrect!  Just this year alone, I've been left 
off completely out of two rides I completed on Rocky, and a third ride I 
was put in the wrong weight division.  By seeing these errors in the EN, I 
was able to get them corrected, which btw, takes about 6 months on average 
from the time the ride takes that when the yearbook finally 
does come out, it will have the correct results!  There is too much 
opportunity for human and/or computer error for the results to be put into 
the yearbook for the first time without being proofed first.   ;+)

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,010 miles and with 50 more than the current EN is showing
& Weaver, 3,155 miles, she may *feel* like a MW but she's really not!! <g>

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