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I'm an "oldie" who has yet to do her first competetive ride.  Last 
Nov. , I became the secretary of a local trail riding club.  One of 
my first suggestions was that our club hold an ECTRA sanctioned 25 CTR.
The members agreed and the ride was on!!  

I'm happy to say that the ride was an unqualified success.  We had 18 
entrants (including 3 riders from our club), a weather-perfect day, superb support
people and no problems!!  Everyone completed and every horse was in 
fine shape.  Everything went so smoothly....I was so 
proud of our club.  The riders' comments were very positive and 
supportive  of our efforts (we will have more comfort markers next 
year).  They were happy with the campsite, the food, the trail, and 
we got many kudos for our  friendly, helpful support people.

I just want to encourage anyone who is contemplating having a ride to 
go's very rewarding.  I learned soooo of the 
most important is that riders in this sport show no shame about 
calling their equine partners "baby" and "honey" .

Sadly, I had to withdraw from a later  ride I had entered  as I had 
pneumonia in both lungs and my horse came up lame (muddy 
pasture), sigh I'm still waiting to participate as a RIDER!

Judy &
Hilary....Mom, how many miles of trail did we mark in the 
Newburg, ME
Home of the TROT 25!!!!

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