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Re: RC: Boggs

At 10:21 AM 10/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>My unhorses husband had a great idea. There should be a by-law that says if
>anyone dose that to a horse the horse must be gelded if it a stud or spayed
>if its a mare. This would fix the problems as we all know its not the ribbon
>they are after its the stud fee and price for future foals at steak here.
>No breeded would let him (or any one like him ) near their horses as it
>would be under submission and may have to be gelded. I know its every
>unlikely it would ever be past as its too simple, but I think its a good
>idea maybe just the idea of it happening would help.
>Tamara (no expert just a Arab horse lover)

	Great. The poor horse had unneccessary surgery once, so let's get even by
operating again. 
	It's not too simple, it's too complicated.
	For starters, you're dealing with 2 different governing bodies--IAHA runs
the showring end, but AHRA is in charge of the regisrty. Now, cropped ears,
throatlatch surgery  or liposuction does not change the fact that a given
horse is who it says it is on its papers. Therefore, there is no reason to
prevent that horse from propagating.
	Why in blazes do we need a rule?
	Why can't people simply refuse to give money for breeding to a horse which
has been altered?
			--CMNewell, DVM

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