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Re: Bucky.. The Wonder Horse Returns


Thanks for sharing Bucky's experiences with us.  It's an important lesson
for all of us, not just your husband.  Seems like the mistakes are always
the best teachers--sure have been for me.
N. Ca

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Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 10:32 AM
Subject: RC: Bucky.. The Wonder Horse Returns

> A couple of people have inquired privately about my husband's horse, Bucky
> since my rather embarrassing "accidental posting" on Ridecamp yesterday,
> which was to have been private.  I'm told I owe Ridecamp an update on his
> condition ;)  So many Ridecampers were so kind to us after the incident,
> offering lots of advice and moral support.
> For those of you who are new to Ridecamp, or did not follow the thread, my
> husband's horse, Bucky, had complete metabolic failure following a very
> and humid ride last July 3.  Please note, however, that this horse was not
> overridden (finished somewhere around last, if not last!), drank like a
> on the trail all day and was passed through on all vet checks with A's and
> B's.  My husband, a novice horseman, now acknowledges that there were
> "signs" that perhaps the horse was not "right" before he went back out on
> the trail on that last loop (didn't eat during second hold, lethargic,
> down to "rest" in the paddock).  He also now knows now that he as the
> has a responsibility to watch for signs only he might recognize and that
> not necessarily be seen by a vet at a check.
> Bucky went down not long after completing, his heart stopped twice, and
> treatment there on the spot was dramatic, frantic and as complete as any
> could be in such a situation.  Endurance riders, vets, spouses and even
> weekend pleasure riders came from all directions to assist.   Thanks to
> that, and the excellent care he then received at the University of
> at Champaign, Bucky has returned from his "near-death" experience
> and with no residual effects/damage of any kind.  It really is a miracle.
> They were given the green light by the vets at U of I to return to 25's
> when the weather cooled and in the last four weeks, they have completed
> 25's with great success.  Bucky is back, but things will never be quite
> same for the two.  While we've been told by experienced endurance riders
> vets that this can happen to any horse, at any time, with no apparent
> explanation, it was still a painful lesson.  Moral of their story... don't
> lay the entire responsibility of your horse's well-being on a five minute
> check by the vets.  The vets do a fine job, in most cases, for the time
> are given, but conditions can change rapidly.   Know your horse and don't
> afraid to pull yourself even if the vets have said you can go on.
> Again, thanks to all for the moral support.  It has meant so much to all
> us.
> Susan Swope-Attardi
> AERC Southeast Region
> Kentucky
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