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Re: RC: Get a life!

>I want to have the hot dog & beer concession for this upcoming battle!
>Let's rrrrumble!  Lif

Okay, my turn... Having just had the honor of editing Nancy Loving's article 
on "Vision," for Nov/Dec Trail Blazer mag (which, btw, didn't really <need> 
any editing) she makes the point that horses have two blind spots--directly 
behind them and directly in front of them. IF the horse came up on Dr. Oury 
as suddenly as we can assume, and the man had the misfortune to pop 
immediately into the animal's blind spot, then he probably felt Oury before 
he could see him. Okay, I'm done. No flames please, just another theory...

Bonnie in AZ (getting the ice water ready)

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