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Re: Running Horses

One of our weanlings just mowed down my husband last week. The horses were 
running, but I wouldn't say they were crazed. They all turned but one. Who 
knows why. Probably just misjudged the distance.
I think it's fairly difficult for a horse to change direction at absolutely 
top speed, and just think of all there is to focus on visually. Quite a lot 
of input in a short time.
A well trained horse being ridden would also be waiting for rider guidance.
I don't think we'd better leave it up to the horses to handle these 
Nancy Mitts
>Barb Peck
>Let's just look at this horse for one second.
>Most horses will do anything to avoid a collision.

>Even at high speeds, they'll jump something on the
>ground, and we all know they can turn on a dime
>or do a 180 at just about any speed *IF* they can
>see where they're going or not running crazed.

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