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Cevi's update 10/4/99

Juliua Stroup
I should be getting some film developed this week and I'm going to request a CD of them, then I'll send out more.  Here is the update I prepared for today;

Cevi is really doing great, THANK GOD ABOVE!!  She went on a trip to the mall on Friday (in which my sister bought her some Nike clothes for school), my sister and I took her home for a quick trip on Saturday (right after Greg Brown, who is the WebMaster for Alex Rodriguez came by with a signed poster and book for Cevi).  She had a GREAT time at home, which was made even better when a slew of friends came over and the Keatons arrived with potatoes au gratin and cherry pie for dinner, it was a party!!!  She got to see her horse Jennie along with all the others, the dogs, Sunny and Stanley and everything else, I felt as though I were in a dream.  Sunday, we sat around watching car races and then took Paula back to the airport, we were so sorry to see her go.
Matt went on an overnighter this weekend and had a really great time, Cevi really missed him so we had to keep her busy.  I don't know what she'll do when he goes home, got any suggestions?
Cevi walked with a walker today, yah hoo!!!  The Lord continues to create such works here, if feel as though I'm in Heaven (although Cevi gets really irritated when we jump up and down like kids).
Cevi has moved from B216 to B214, you should probably just ask for Cevi Arnold's room if you call or come over.
We love you all, God Bless over and over. -Juliua

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