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How To Tell Them Apart

Hey, Ridecamp has been much too serious lately!    Try this giggle --
Cheers (;-),   Connie B 

Subject: How To Tell Them Apart
>A blonde bought two horses, and could never remember which was
>A neighbor suggested that she cut the tail of one horse and that
>worked great until the other horse got his tail caught in a bush.  It
>tore just right and looked exactly like the other horse's tail and our
>blonde friend was stuck again.
>The neighbor suggested she notch the ear of one horse.  That
>worked fine until the other horse caught his ear on a barbed wire fence.
>Once again our friend couldn't tell them apart.
>The neighbor suggested she measure the horses for height.  When
>she did, she was very pleased to find that the white horse was 2 inches
>taller than the black one.

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