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Man Against Horse info

I'd like to hear more about this ride.  It may well be the first 50 for
Splash and I next year (although we might make it to Apache Kid for our
first one). We should have at least a handful of LD rides under our belt by
then.  Does anyone have any thoughts on comparing the two rides? The Man
Against Horse things does sound really cool!


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Subject: RC: RC: Racing safelywas Montana accident, I saw it

> Finally, few voices of reason speak out. Thanks, Whitney and Corky.
> about safe finishes, how about a safe start when you've got 50 riders and
> runners heading out the same trail? That was the case at least when the
> 25-miler started at the Man Against Horse this weekend. But-I'm happy to
> report that no one got plowed down. In fact, I can attest to three riders
> coming to a standstill on a very narrow and steep switchback so a runner
> could squeeze by. On the flat, there was a lot of "On your left, On your
> right" going on and there seemed to be mutual respect all around. A fun
> annual race, well organized and seemingly well supported by the community.

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