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Re: another saddle fit question - TRY THIS

I went to a Mark Rashid clinic recently. (Author of "Considering the Horse"
"A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color")

Every horse that had a behavior problem, really had a *saddle fit* problem
(or a rider problem).
Saw a video on saddle fit.  Seems to have more to do with "twist" at the
front of the tree. People also tend to place the saddle too far forward.

I'll try to explain this. But you should really go to Mark's horsemanship

Put a saddle on your horse's back, no pad, not cinched.
Feel under the front of the saddle at the edge of the scapula. Is your hand
Now turn the horse's head toward you.  Pinched?  So is your horse's
"shoulder" (scapula).
A saddle that seems to fit while the horse is standing still may not fit
when he starts to move.

Slide your hand under the place your weight will be.  Should be tight -
against the ribs,
(but obviously not on his spine).

Now check the backof the tree.  Your hand should slide in easily, no pinch.
If his point of hip is going to bump into the tree as he moves, your saddle
is too long.

Saddle him with pad and get on.  Reach up between the scapula and front of
saddle. Have him
move forward.  Imagine your hand has to stay there for all those miles. 
Are you comfortable?

A pad with more support *under your leg* will help lift the saddle off his
scapula, but a well
fitting saddle will be better.

Go to this horsemanship clinic if at all possible.  I audited (without
horse) and learned
more about horse and human relationships than I have in 30 years of being
with horses.
Found some amazing things when I went home and got on my horses.   

Bambi Forbes

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