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Hi everyone!  I received a lot of letters from people inquiring about the
t- shirts.  my prices are as follows"  screen charge 15.75, design fee 25
per color (  often negotiable based upon the design!- this includes
separations and film.)  Shirts run in so many styles and colors, but the
basics are this

white shirts

1-4 dozen .                  4.75
5-9 dozen                    4.25
10 dozen plus              3.75

light shirts- add 1.00 to that, and for dark shirts, add 1.50

(this includes the cost for one location, one color print.  For a second
color or location, add ..75, for a three color design, I will quote you!!)

One of my policies is to beat any written previous invoice!!

Cal me or E- mail me with a specific design in mind- number of colors,
color of shirts, number of shirts,  and I would love to call you to discuss

I also have a number of ver colorful equine designs which I can put on
shirts for added intrigue!!  I can screenprint the front with a specific
event, riders times, etc, then put a photograph of the race, or a  design
on the back!!

Crew members- order crew shirts- a picture of the horse and rider with
something about your comments on crewing!!

Shirts for volunteers!!

Thank you, 

Sonya Meeks

meeks zoo
Faith - blue and gold macaw
Sunny- sun conure
3 dogs
3 cats
Lyra- my pride and joy- Arab mare
Yanni -i am only 32 inches tall, but i AM A STALLION!! (not)  (miniature
  //    \\

Kickin' It Screenprinting and Embroidery

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