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hurricane Floyd

Just wondering... has anyone heard from any folks in the NC and surrounding 
states about the Hurricane Floyd aftermath? I have been so busy working that 
when I actually get a chance to hear the news I listen to the weather to see 
how It will affect the nightly business.I work in the restraunt biz. So I 
feel really horrible of some of the things folks have lost including the 
animals in that area. I realize that many are not even remotely back in 
contact with the world just yet but I am sure some of us out there have had 
a chance to check with friends and family in those areas hit hard. I am just 
concerned and sending prayers along the way. If there is any kind of 
assistance we can help with I am sure here is a great place to help our 
endurance and CTR friends get back into some kind of swing of things again.
Carla and Rob (praying for rain and flood victims)
Baru and Haley (needing rain for some good winter pasture)

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