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Seasoned endurance horse for sale

After a summer of worrying about what to do, I have decided to offer my 12
year old arab gelding for sale. I live in the Mountain region and many
riders know me well, so finding out about me and my horse is very easy to
check. I have competed in endurance on Rebel Night Rider since he was four
(Limited Distance) He now has over 3000 miles, is absolutely sound and knows
how to take care of himself and the rider. I could spend a page recounting
his attributes, but I won't take the time. I will say he has won the Montana
Cup in four of the past five years. I am offering him for sale because I
have a five year old, two four year olds and a two year old as well. I don't
have enough time or energy for all these horses, but I will be starting all
of them in the next two years and must sell off the top. Rebel would be a
perfect horse for a beginning rider, junior or otherwise; because he is so
experienced, sound, loves the trail and competition. I would be happy to
have my vet, Dr. Ray Randall, do a pre purchase exam (buyer pay) and my
price is $3500, no deals. I regret to sell this horse as we have had many
years together, but I must be practical and smart. If you are interested,
contact me privately by phone or e mail. Dorothy Sue Phillips Bridger,
Montana 406 662-3264

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