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ROFLOL This is one of the FUNNIEST things I've ever read!

A cyber friend of mine shared this with us on the PasoAficion
(for Peruvian Paso horse lovers) -- it was sent to her by her Alaskan cyber
buddy and apparently is the true story of one night during a snowstorm period

I've been laughing out loud all through the whole thing and just had to share
the pure humor of it all -- and I don't think you have to be a horse person to
understand it (although it helps).  I think everyone enjoys a really good laugh
now & then and I'm very happy to be able to share one with y'all ...

Hawk's Haven Farm
Micanopy, Florida

> this was sent to me by my Alaskan cyber buddy.  I thought it funny and
> enlightening enouph to share it.  Enjoy!  I do believe its true, which even
> makes it better!
> kathy, buckeye Az
> "Today Was Interesting..."
> Well, as I mentioned earlier I had moved my horses into the garage, as the
> barn had literally frozen up solid and we're into our FOURTH snowstorm in ten
> days.
> (BTW, our "garage" is a 20 X 30 insulated "shed" attached to the
> house...Technically NOT a garage, but that is what we use it for...) Just
> thought I'd share some of the funny things that can occur...
> -Shrimpy found the doorbell. Realized that pressing it brings a human.  Abused
> the priviledge. Now doorbell is disconnected.
> -DH found the door (and window) into the house. Put two and two together and
> realized that three people sitting at a table lifting utensils up to their
> mouths = food. Doesn't appreciate being left out of any grub-fests. Now blinds
> are shut.
> -Found out that horses like the taste of vinyl seats on snowmobiles. Will be
> checking stool so blame will be directed at correct animal.
> -Sent 9 year old daughter out to get wood. Habitually leaves door open. 1300
> pounds of curiousity trying to get into the kitchen through door
> -Sent mother out to get wood. Mother didn't know (chuckle chuckle). 160 pounds
> of mother trying to get into kitchen through wall.
> -Feeding. Brought up hay, bedding, halters, blankets, saddles, bridles,
> grooming stuff. Guess what I forgot? Trudge to barn at 7PM through blinding
> snow to get feed.
> -Sparkplug has found her "niche" and has claimed it as her own. Unfortunately,
> it is my hubby's *precious* corner.
> -Husband's $500 tool cabinet now has a pretty "bas-relief" hoofprint on it.
> (And a not-so-pretty greenish smear on it too)
> -Waking up at six AM, coffee in hand, still in jammies, going out to get wood.
> It's dark. *Forgot* horses were in garage. Now need to clean coffee stain from
> ceiling.
> -Grey horse found oil spot to lay in. It's my daughter's horse. Quickly put
> blanket on before she wakes up.
> -Daughter wakes up. Goes out to the garage to check her horse. Sees oil stain
> on horse, runs into house to give me heck, leaves door open. Result....Sparky,
> Shrimpy, and Dirtball explore *new* barn. (How am I going to explain horseshoe
> prints in the linoleum?)
> All this on the *first* night. Oh, my Lord, I hope this doesn't last too long!
> I've had more laughs in the past few hours.... This in definitely something I
> will enjoy thinking of for years to come...Granted, I love my horses
> ('s a figure of speech, not an invitation to start a new thread on
> "emotion or automaton"!!) but seeing that we are technically "barn mates" now,
> I have learned a few more of their individual personality quirks, . Still not
> sure if I like *some* of them....
>  Cathy / MarCat (

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