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can you translate

Below is the a translation of the message that was on Ridecamp. 
honored senores:
I have been practicing equestrian endurance riding for almost a year and I like it alot. I would like to know what books are suitable for the deepest ____ (?) in the preparation for the test. I need guidance to be able to get an appropriate mount for the test that is: comfortable, light, and of course not too expensive. Also, I would like to subscribe to an informative magazine on the subject. Thanking you in advance, a friend Chilean endurance rider  Juan Carlos Abusleme
Estimados Se ores :  Yo practico Enduro ecuestre ya casi un a o y me gusta mucho.  Me gustaria saber que libros son apropiados para la interiorizaci n (?)masprofunda en la preparacion para la prueba.  Necesito orientaci n para poder conseguir una montura apropiada para laprueba que sea : comoda, liviana y por supuesto no muy costosa.  Tambien me gustaria suscribirme a alguna revista informativa al respecto.             Agradecido de antemano un amigo Chileno endurista.                       Juan Carlos Abusleme

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