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RC: Endurance Accident--sidebar

Hi Ridecampers.  i've been following the Montana incident, but thinking,
nah, this is American law, etc. But an excellent cautionery tale about
management and horsemanship.

However, when Susanne mentioned racing to the finish, I began wondering
about insurance. Our horse insurance (both personal, horse and event)
definitely does NOT cover racing (or rodeo). Surely that means TB or SB
racing.  Has that ever come up as a legal issue? Not that I want to see ER
only at a walk-trot-slow canter.


Monika, Koko and Ripp (of course we always walk to the finish line,
checking all around...:-) )

>I am writing in regards to the postings I have read about the endurance
>accident in  Montana.  I think that until people get their facts straight,
>they should shut their mouths.  First of all, it is a race, of course if
>two riders are coming in at the same time they are going to race to the
>finish line.  It is the responsibillity of race management to keep the
>finish line clear of all obstacles.  To say that the two girls acted
>irresponsibly is ludicrous and stupid.  They were racing to the finish,
>that is what racers do.  It is not even mentioned that Dr. Ourey was at
>the same race last year and had an unfortunate incident that could have
>seriously injured a rider, just like he was injured a few days ago.
>Accidents are going to happen in every sport, and it is rude that you guys
>can pass judgement on an event that most of you didn't attend.  I know the
>riders in this race, they have been endurance riding for 20 years.  They
>are well experienced and until last weekend were good friends with Dr.
>Ourey.  They have attended races together, they have worked together.
>Don't you think the fact that this incident even occured hasn't tormented
>them day and night?  I pray that none of you accusers are ever involved in
>a horrible tradgedy such as this.  It is so easy to pass judgement, but it
>is not so easy to be judged for something that will probably torment their
>minds for years to come.
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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