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NATRC Championship Challenge - Cool Stuff

The NATRC Championship Challenge will be held in Santa Ynez, Calfornia this 
year. The ride location is a private 30,000 acre ranch and we have 80 miles 
of spectacular trail.  
We now have a  Sharon Saare saddle ($1200 value) for the winner of the 
Championship. The saddle will be custom made after the ride.   Reserve Champ 
will win a therapeutic magnetic blanket (valued at $500).   So, if you have a 
1,000 mile horse, either AERC or NATRC,(NATRC horses have other ways to 
qualify as well) and you haven't already entered, you have until October 15 
to get your entry in.  Come ride with us!

Sylvia (posting this for Helen Logan)
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