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My philosophy has always been that usually nothing falls in your lap without 
some sort of effort or planning, and that no one is going to offer you the 
world on a silver platter.  Whether in my personal or professional life, in 
many situations I have identified or sought out those persons who not only 
have the knowledge I desire, but also the time and interest in sharing their 
knowlege with me.  Mentors do not guide you every step of the way; they are 
there to bounce ideas off of, redirect you if necessary, and hold the bar 
higher than you thought it was supposed to be.  And there is a direct 
corelation between what kind of a positive effect your mentor will have on 
you, and how humble you are!   

I feel very blessed (and humble) that I was befriended and mentored by some 
wonderful endurance people.  Gini Wilson and James Agnew helped me out a lot. 
 I am continuing to meet and talk to people who are extremely generous with 
their time and knowledge, because they were once where I am.  It all comes 
full circle, and someday I hope to be able to impart any wisdom I may gain 
over the years, to some "newbie".  The Catch-22 is that first they have to 
ask for help.

Kristi in Maryland

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