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Re: RC: Re: sarcoids

The Sarcoids on Rett Butler were bumps that start out looking small and 
harmless.  Sort of a cracked open smooth wart type.  Sarcoids do look 
different.  They have that opened wound look.  After dealing with lazier 
surgery, 8 to 10 kemo treatments every two weeks in six locations, I think I 
could spot a sarcoid a mile away.  What started out to be the size of my 
thumb nail (I was told that is was just a wart!), turned out to be a surgery 
removal of a 10" circle hole in one location after some of the vets just cut 
it out.  If your not sure what it is then have it biopsied.  Rett also lost 
about 1/3 of the top of his ear during this odeal of actually saving his 
life.  He is worth it!

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