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Crazy riders.....

This question is for any crazy rider... that is, any bareback rider. I've
been riding bareback full time for a yr now, used to only ride that way in
winter when it's lots warmer letting the horse keep you warm... But now I
don't have a saddle that fits. And I have all these pretty purple trailbags
and tack just collecting dust.
Anyways, the question is, what do y'all ride in? I've been riding in jeans
or jeans w/ leather chinks and it works fine, but am open to suggestions.
Especially when it gets real hot in the NewEngland summer. I bought some
Kerrits riding pants, but them dang things are slippery in and out of a
saddle! The knee patch is more like a calf-area patch.
Also, how do you carry water and the essentials like 'lytes and sponge?
Fanny pack w/ water bottles? CamelBack Mule  (basically a backpack &
watertank in one)? CamelBack Topo (Fannypack designed reservoir w/ pockets)?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Marlana Pitas & LL Rheebok
South Attleboro, MA

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