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Re: Cranial-Sacral

I have had cranial-sacral work done on  myself and it was wonderful.  I could actually feel my lower back and pelvis release as the woman worked on my head.  I had it done to my dog too.  It really worked well on a very jumpy nervous little mini pinscher.  She became more calm and trainable.  A friend of mine that broke her back earlier this year is having it done to herself too.  She says she  does find relief in her back afterwards.  She and I  are planning on having a cranial-sacral person work on us and our horses here in So Cal.  in the next month or two. 
I will let ya know how it went.  My same friend and I had some Rehki work done on us last thurs.  She rode the 50 miler and won it and I rode the 75 and came in second place. (Manzanita Ride).   That was her first win and the highest placing Clovis and I have ever gotten.  Hmmmmmmm there may be something to this mumbo jumbo stuff 'eh!:-))))          gesa n clovis
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Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 3:27 PM
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Has anyone had cranial-sacral work done on a horse and how did it benefit the horse?  I heard there was to be a local clinic for this and am wondering if I want to attend.
So. Oregon

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