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Re: MSM / Glucosamine Sulfate

MSM is a nutraceutical because by calling it that the manufacturer can avoid
most of the government regs. As a nutraceutical, it is sold as source of
sulfur. Normally, sulfur is supplied nutritionally through protein. But of
course protein is not a anti-inflamatory. People are basically using it for
the anti-inflamatory effect. You will note that the manufacturer does not
claim this effect - if he did he would have to jump the regulatory hoops.

Whether something tests are not is not an indication of its legality.
Selenium (is a nutrient and tests), but it is legal. Other substances may
not test, but that doesn't make them legal. Just because the only cop in
town is tied up at accident on the other side town does change the speed
limits everywhere else in town. Now whether the current rules as written are
satisfactory is whole different question.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Dave & Abby Bloxsom <>

> > So I asked a
> > ride vet if MSM was similar to BUte and he said that they both
> > basically achieve the same thing. He was
> > busy, so I didn't get a chance to ask him further on it.
> >
> I'm no vet, but I know a bit about MSM & Glucosamine.  They're both
> considered "nutraceuticals" - they are basically nutrients that have
> some effects similar to some pharmaceuticals.
> MSM - methylsulfonylmethane - is high in bio-available (organic)
> sulfur.  This is not the same as sulfa (antibiotic) or the mineral
> sulfur.  It's a dietary metabolite of DMSO.  I'm not sure about the
> mechanism, but it ultimately has an anti-inflammatory effect.  This is
> the thing that reduces pain by reducing inflammation.  As I recall,
> because it's more like a nutrient, it can't be detected by blood
> testing.  ECTRA, which is pretty hard line on drugs, says essentially
> "We can't test for it, and it's not really a pharmaceutical, so we don't
> prohibit it, but we respectfully request that you withdraw it 48h prior
> to competition."  The idea is that the nutrient-based effect would
> likely not be affected by that, but that it would eliminate any
> possibility of a pharmaceutical effect during the competition.

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