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Re: RC: MSM / Glucosamine Sulfate

In a message dated 9/26/1999 8:06:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

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I have been taking Glucosamine for a number of years and it really works.  I 
changed to another product a month ago and it works great.  It is Grand Flex 
[rider] and I got it at the horse tack store.  It is Glucosamine, methionine, 
MSM, lysine and yucca.  Also has Vitamin C. Niacin, Calcium Zinc and 
Magnesium.  It costs me about $11.00 for 90 caplets.  I use about six a day 
because my dogs take it too.  I have an old shepherd who collapsed from bad 
hip joints 2 years ago and we thought we would have to put him to sleep but 
he is still with us.  He has a lot of problems getting up on my hardwood 
floors but once up he can get around pretty good.  He is also on Rymadel.  
Since I take Calcium/magnes and lysine already, the Grand Flex is really 
quite a bargain.  It is a lot cheaper than the old stuff I bought at the 
health food store......Maryben

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