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Re: RC: Cranial-Sacral

In a message dated 09/27/1999 6:26:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 Has anyone had cranial-sacral work done on a horse and how did it benefit 
the horse?  I heard there was to be a local clinic for this and am wondering 
if I want to attend.
 So. Oregon
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Hi Betty,

Yes, we did have cranial-sacral work performed on two of our horses by Greg 
Wilder out of Southern Pines/Pinehurst, NC.  My wife had trouble with her 
horse Mesha, for about three years.  Had never had a top ten, and basically 
could not control the horse at a race. We thought we just had a bitchy mare 
not knowing the horse was in pain most of the time.  Since the session with 
Greg, Joan and Mesha have done three 50s and finished 5th,  5th, and just 
this weekend at the Biltmore took 7th.  Three races, three top 10s.  Of those 
races she was 2nd BC twice and 6th in the other.  Say or believe what you 
want but results are what I evaluate and these are ours.  I was so taken with 
the change in Mesha that I took an Equine Sports Massage course and now am a 
certified EMT and massage our horses before, during and after a race.  As you 
probably can tell I believe in the prevention of injury and promote wellness 
in the horse.  Hope this helps.

Phil Rash
Spirit of the Mountain Farms

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