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Re: RC: Regional Director and LD Bylaw Vote

On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:34:36 -0600, wrote:

>The August issue of Endurance News has a Pro (for "0 to 49") by Lem
>Beason and a Con (go back to "25 to 35") by Courtney Hart.  Please read
>your Endurance News for information.

Randy, I'm sorry to say it but I've lost a lot of respect for
Endurance News.  First, they printed an excerpt from one of my
Ridecamp posts (re non-member fees) for the specific purpose of having
Phil Gardner rebut it, without my permission and without even
informing me they were doing it.  Using an excerpt set up an easy
"straw man" for Phil to cut down.  Then, they did not print my letter
of rebuttal.  It appears to me to be current policy to orchestrate the
letters section, to push the point of view favored by AERC officials.

I know they didn't have any legal obligation to print my letter, but
the least they should have done IMO was print a retraction or apology
for using my post without permission, and using it in a way that
harmed my own position.

If I wasn't a Lifetime Member I'd consider resigning from the AERC.


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