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Re: RC: Padron?

I'm a newcomer to endurance but I do know the show world. Padron is a
very beautiful son of Patron, who is sire of our stallion TLA Halynov,
16.2hh----yes,  REALLY 16.2-!--ask Valerie Kanavy who came out to see
him and purchased 2 of his babies. So the size gene has to be in there
somewhere. Padron is out of *Odessa who was imported from England to
Holland then to the US by Howie Kale (who is responsible for importing
many Russian bloodlines and famous halter/show horses such as *Muscat,
*Silver Drift, *Dornaba,and on and on). This was during the hay days of
Karho (Kale's Ranch in Scottsdale) when an Arabian could sell for over a
million dollars!
There was much hoopla over the beauty of the Russian horses and to quote
Mary Jane Parkinson in her Nov 91 article "The Tersk Influence in the
US"  *Padron is an example of the intensity of the early interest in
Russian bloodlines. He was not bred at Tersk, is not straight Russian in
pedigree, yet in the thinking of many, he is representative of Russian
breeding.  He was bred in Holland, the son of Patron (Aswan by Podruga
by Priboj), a chestnut stallion bred at Tersk and sold to Holland as a
6-year-old in 1972.  There Patron was bred to *Odessa NSB, a mare of
almost all Crabbet bloodlines, to produce a chestnut colt who was a
Dutch National Champion before his first birthday.  In the U.S., he was
Scottsdale Champion Stallion and U.S. & Canadian National Champion
Stallion, and is in turn the sire of 27 National winners." He shows in
Western Pleasure as far as performance.
If you want to learn more about Patron's bloodlines you can go to my web
site at  and click on  About Our Stallion
and then at the bottom of the page there is a button for Pedigree
Information. Eventually I hope to elaborate more on the incredible
athletic ability of the Russian bred  horses and attach more pictures to
the foundation bloodstock. All that takes time, though and where does it
go so fast? PaTron was a record-setter in racing and he definitely
carries the speed gene as well. PaDron's owners chose to market him and
his get in the showring; however, Halynov's first son at the racetrack
broke his maiden by 7 1/2 lengths showing that the PaTron's speed gene
is handed down generations. I guess you can tell by now that I am a true
Russian fan, although we outcross to Polish, Crabbet, French and
Egyptian (after all, the Russians took from all these breeding
programs---the best!) to begin their program at Tersk. I don't know that
if I was a soldier at Tersk and my life rested on producing winning race
stock (they beat the horses at the Polish stud in a European knock-down
drag 'em out race) that I wouldn't take the best from everybody.
(Remember the best of the Polish horses and their escape from Hitler to
Russia? Well Russia did not give them all back after the war.)
Well I could go on and on but I'm sure most of you are hearing more than
you ever wanted to know. Please stop by my web site and see what Russian
breeding can do.
Bette Lamore

> Rick Forrester wrote:
> from Mary Forrester,   I know nothing about Padron bloodlines. Anyone
> with info? Thanks?  If this was on ridecamp in the last 3 days I'll
> find it.

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