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Manzanita 75

I just wanted to share my experience this weekend at the Manzanita 75.  Thank
you Terry for putting on such a nice ride (gentle reminder - can you send me
my t-shirt?).

I have been doing 50's for about two years and decided that it was time to do
something longer.  I also have a new horse who is actually capable of doing
something longer!!!

For those riders out there that think they could never move beyond doing 25's
or 50's, please re-think things!  I had a really great time!  It was very difficult
going out after 50 miles knowing that it was going to get dark well before I
finished, but it was so worth it!  I learned so much about my horse and about
what I am capable of doing.  It wasn't easy though.  I was tired, achey, sore,
and a little bummed out to be one of only five people out there after dinner!
 (I didn't have much info on the # of 80/100 milers.)  The dark was also scary.
 We went over a small mountain that was rocky and pretty brushy.  The moon came
up late so it was also VERY dark.  I was a little scared about riding in the
darkness.  I gripped the reins and the breast collar and just let my mare take
over.  She never missed a step and somehow read that trail perfectly!  When
we finished at 11:30 p.m. I was so proud of my horse and of myself.  I can't
wait to do my first 100!  You ready Marci?

I had a great riding partner too.  Cindy Crook was tons of fun and made the
dark seem a little safer!  Those comments about ax murderers weren't very funny
at night though!  I told her that as long as she was in back I was safe because
I only had to outrun her if a mountain lion attacked!

Karen & Montoya DSA

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