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Texas Shootout

Title: Texas Shootout

Anita Burson RM and her crew, did a fantastic job putting on The Texas Shootout  was held Sat 25th at Cold Springs, Tx.   In my opinion, it was a very well managed, well marked, fun ride! I loved "THE SLIDE!!!."  The vet lines were short-- no waiting.  The weather was wonderful riding out that morning.  It got warmer as the day wore on, but it was tolerable.  The ride had an 80 rider limit, which was nice.   Fajitas were served  Friday nite and they were delicious.   There was also Farrier, Kirk Caudle, who gave a presentation on "Shoeing the Endurance Horse." 

Bobbie Barber celebrated her 70th Birthday.  I only hope and pray that when I am 70, I am physically able to do what Bobbie has done! Bobbie, you are a legend and a role model!!!! 

Speedy recovery to Barbara! Does anyone know if her horse has been located? 

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