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Re: RC: MSM / Glucosamine Sulfate

Hi Lynette,

> This got me to thinking. MSM seemed similar to me like I was giving him Bute. It
> took us several months to get him sound again. Without the MSM he did not over do
> it and we were able to get him sound. Anytime you give an animal or yourself
> something that relieves the pain in a short amount of time, seems to me to be
> similar to a pain killer. Good for the short term, but very bad for the long
> term. So I asked a ride vet if MSM was similar to BUte and he said that they both
> basically achieve the same thing. He was
> busy, so I didn't get a chance to ask him further on it.

The way my doctor described it, he said that the MSM and Glucosamine Sulfate and
Ginger were all anti-inflammatories -- that it is the inflammation which causes the
pain, and so by reducing the inflammation you reduce the pain ... And that reducing
inflammation was a very good thing for the long-term as well as for the short-term

All's I can tell you is that, from a human standpoint, the combination stopped my
paralyzingly painful muscle spasms and deep aching pain in my bone.  None of the
pharmaceuticals could even touch any of it.  And that includes the Hydrocodone and
Phenylbarbital + Codeine!  Of course, in addition to taking the MSM/GS/Ginger
combination, icing it down 20 minutes on, 1 hour off when it was really bad helped,
as did keeping it in a sling until we got it under control (took about 3 days total
before the pain went totally away for the vast majority of the days)

Can't tell you about the horses (since I'm not a vet) but I can definitely speak
about the human side of it  ;-)

It would be very interesting to hear from a vet about your comments concerning the
horses ...


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