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Re: RC: Re:Iodine feed thru to improve hooves

If you want to learn more about the hoof and farriery go to  It's a superb website and they always have new info
and updates!  Maybe that'll help cure the screams!  :)
Maggie (the farrier's wife)

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> Subject: Re: RC:  Re:Iodine feed thru to improve hooves
> Date: Saturday, September 04, 1999 9:05 AM
> Hi Everybody,
> Was at a horse husbandry class, the other night with Vet. guess speaker,
> asked about the hoof problem my STB filly is having and wanted to know
> they use the feed thru iodine for and he told me it seems to work to slow
> bacteria down in the hoof and he recomended to also use antibiotics with
> I've had my horse on it for two weeks now along with keeping her in at
> off the wet grass, feet getting really hard, so now I'm going to try some

> hoof dressing on coronet band and start her on biotain and see how it
> Sure wish I knew more about the hoof of a horse, its like pulling teeth
or a 
> puzzle trying to find out any information and there are so many
> in opinions when you do (scream).
> Up dates to come.
> Sandy,
> Sorrento, Fl

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