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Re: RC: Re:Iodine feed thru to improve hooves

Hi Everybody,

Was at a horse husbandry class, the other night with Vet. guess speaker, so 
asked about the hoof problem my STB filly is having and wanted to know what 
they use the feed thru iodine for and he told me it seems to work to slow the 
bacteria down in the hoof and he recomended to also use antibiotics with it.  
I've had my horse on it for two weeks now along with keeping her in at night 
off the wet grass, feet getting really hard, so now I'm going to try some 
hoof dressing on coronet band and start her on biotain and see how it goes.  
Sure wish I knew more about the hoof of a horse, its like pulling teeth or a 
puzzle trying to find out any information and there are so many differances 
in opinions when you do (scream).

Up dates to come.

Sorrento, Fl

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