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lost dog

Hi everyone,
My name is Kim and I live in Cloudcroft NM, about an hour from Timberon.  
Had a cute dog show up at my house a few days after the Championship ride in 
Timberon and was wanting to know if anyone might have lost him.

He is a mixed breed looks like he might have some Border Collie or 
Austrailian Shephard in him.  He is small, longhaired black with a white 
chest, and white on his feet and the tip of his tail.  Very friendly, good 
house manners and goes out with me when i ride always listens.

I don't live far from the ride trail, if you cross the mountains and thought 
maybe he went looking for his owner. Oh also had a Cherry Eye.  If you know 
of anyone who might have lost him please e-mail me or call 505-682-1137.  
Would hate to think the owner is out there worried sick, he is so sweet.
Guess if i don't find his owner i will have to keep him (darn)

Thanks, Kim and Amar

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