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Apache eye update

Well, Apache's eye looks MUCH MUCH better today!!!  When I went to treat the
eye this morning, he kept it open and he was bright and alert.  The eye was
also bright and looked much like the other one.  No hint of swelling,
tearing or pain.  :)

I'm going to continue the treatments 3 times a day until the end of the full
7 days.  And he'll get the bute for the full 5 days.  I want to make sure
that sucker is healed!  :)

It got better so fast!  Course, maybe the ulcer isn't gone yet...maybe just
the bacteria.  But still!  I am very pleased.

And my hand is much much better thanks to a great antibiotic burn ointment I
smeared all over my hand ever since the accident.  It still hurts, so I'm
still taking my pain pills and still bandaging a part, but I can type as
long as I don't type too hard.  :)

Btw, thank you, Linda (Flemmer), for the advice about getting ointments into
Apache's eye.  Works like a charm!  I had to modify it a bit because I'm
short! (modification was to tie his lead rope low and that keeps his head
down for me.   He won't leave it down for me to put the stuff in without the
tying, but he's a GOOD tier and gives to the consistent pressure of the lead
rope.) But I use the same basic technique.  He doesn't like it, but I can
get it done and done quickly.

April & Apache
Chattanooga, TN

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