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Re: Tales from 'The Insecure Newbie'


Good luck on your first ride!  You must take very good notes and report back
to us!!!!  I am a beginner, too.  Only have 2 25s under my belt.  I love
ride stories the best of anything on ridecamp.  It helps so much, not to
mention it's entertaining, to read others' experiences.

I remember reading that someone regretted not keeping a diary of each ride.
I've determined to not have that regret when I have 5000 career miles!  :)

Anyway, good luck and relax!!!  It's great fun!  :)

April & Apache
Chattanooga, TN

PS.  Abra, as in abra cadabra?  Magic?  :)

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older than you and "trying" to get ready for my first ride on the 11th of

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