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Re: RC: Tales from 'The Insecure Newbie'

In a message dated 09/02/1999 6:55:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Thanks again to everyone who encouraged me to my first ride >>
Peggy, I want to thank you for your post.  It is encouraging to me, as I am 
older than you and "trying" to get ready for my first ride on the 11th of 
Sept.  I think I have gone past the nervous stage and into something 
resembling frenzy to take 90 percent of the things I own that might EVER be 
needed.  I finally figured out yesterday that my poor little guy cannot carry 
my tack room or 500 gallons of water and it is only 30 miles, not 3000.
I have been enjoying Ridecamp and would never have had the nerve to try this 
without it.
Ellen & Abra (whew, no refrigerator)

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