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RMIMR? -LongX left out some important people

Hi all,

Well I think I've heard about RMIMR before on this list.
Sure think I'm still suffering from it over a week after the
ride.  Yesterday when I was composing the results and
getting the paperwork ready to mail to AERC I plum forgot to
mention Kacie Helgeson - probably my most important
volunteer - She sectrataried for our ride vet and did a
super job - knowing how important keeping the vet happy and
making the checks as fast as possible is I can't believe I
forgot to mention her in the results posting.  This was sort
of a paid position though I was not able to pay anything
near what she was worth.  Anybody who knocks teenagers
hasn't seen this 13 year old working.  Before the ride she
and Kate and Kayla Helgeson (8) were helping like crazy
too.  They were helping us hand pump water while we camped
and highlighted all the maps, and tied ribbons on
clothespins for marking trail, plus helped mark some trail
and were message runners on ride day.   Randy Helgeson
watched the chili and helped set up the potluck while I was
frantically filling out BC forms and things and I think just
jumped in and helped when I wasn't even looking.  Ed Berg
rode out and did a safety pulse check on the CTR riders for
us both days - On Sunday he took Kayla along to sectretary
for that - gotta love big, gentle horse like Trouble who
will take care of an extra passenger so well.

Now I cant claim DIMR from horseback riding - it must be
from all that driving.  I'm sure that many Colorado riders
are wondering why on earch I didn't do a ride close to
home.  Well the answer is very simple.  I did not have a
really efficient co-manager wanting to put on a ride in
Colorado.  The Long X ride would not have happened w/o
Lynette Helgeson my co-manager.  She was the one who got the
FS talked into approving a permit, found an area contact for
certified hay, got permission to use stock tanks and on and
on.  I said earlier that she is brimming with energy for
next year while I'm dragging so I need to leave more to her,
but I should have said leave even more, lord knows nobody
would have got to ride Long X this year without all her

Teresa - fingers too far ahead of the mind - as usual.

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