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Re: Update after Tevis accident

Thank you Julie for your concern.  Thanks for the card and the video you 
sent.  I received so many cards, flowers, notes, books, etc., from so many 
caring people.  It really helped.  I got out of the hospital in Reno on 
Saturday, July 31, exactly a week after Tevis.  Jeff came and got me and took 
me home.  I dreaded the drive, but with ample pain medication, it wasn't too 

I spent three weeks hanging out at home.  I read books, watched videos, 
talked on the phone, and had people visit.  It really helped to know that so 
many people cared.  I had to go back into the hospital at home, but just for 
one day.  Fluid had built up in my chest again and I had to have it drained.  
It also looked for a while like I might have to have my gall bladder removed. 
 Fortunately it got better on its own.

I am now back at work part time.  I do fine in the morning, but in the late 
afternoon I get pretty sore and tired.  Each day is better.  I have been able 
to drive for about a week.  That makes a big difference.  It is so difficult 
to be so dependent on others.

Within a couple of weeks I should be back on a normal work schedule.  I had 
never before missed any work because of illness or injury.  My patients have 
been very patient and understanding.  Other dentists in town have helped out 
so my patients have been cared for.

All of my injuries are of the kind that heal completely.  I am very 
fortunate.  It just takes time and I am having lessons in patience.

I won't be able to ride for at least a couple of months.  I had planned to do 
Outlaw Trail, but that will have to wait until next year.  Malik is getting 
fat.  He can't understand why I don't come and play.  I will have plenty of 
time to get him ready for Tevis next year.  I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Thanks again, Julie, for your concern.

Debby Lyon

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