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Re: Re: CTR: Re: breeding

Sylvia--you're right about Magness selling the culls cheaply, however, I
bought one for $150 (mostly because I thought he would end up fed to lions
etc at the zoos and wildlife rescue centers and because I wanted a colt).
Akela was in excellent condition and had obviously been handled with
sensitivity.  He's my idea of a perfect mountain horse.  The first day, with
very little coaxing, he walked into the trailer.  There was a llama in the
compartment in front of him.  He couldn't see it, but certainly could smell
it.  The ride home was over 2 hours of twisty mountain roads.  We got home
after dark.  He was so quiet, I thought he was dead until I opened the
trailer doors.  We had put the divider over to the side so he would have
more room.  I turned him around and walked him down the ramp.  As he walked
down the ramp, he slipped on something.  He stopped, put his nose down to
find out what the problem was and then walked very carefully the rest of the
way down.
    I can't say I approve of turning out hundreds of foals a year.  I don't.
But my experience with Akela is that he is the most secure, sensible baby I
could ever want to know.  He thinks (most of the time) before he gets into
problems and if he gets into something anyway, he waits quietly for you to
fix it.  He loves people, other horses, life in general.  I didn't get him
until he was 10 months old, so I have to credit someone at Magness for that
basic trust.
    Anyway, I just think it's a complex issue because there are also horses
of less quality from people who breed one or two foals a year.
N. Calif.
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> > In Santa Ynez we have a number of large Arabian "puppy mills". Turning
> not thousands (you're right) but hundreds of foals each year.  One of
> is Magness Arabians Racing Ventures, they have literally hundreds of mares
> and when they cull the foals (at least as of a year ago), they sell the
> "culls" for $250 a piece and God knows what happens to the culls that
> wants.  >
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