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Re: CTR: Re: breeding

In a message dated 8/31/99 2:54:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< So I ask you,
 please, name just one of these "big breeders" turning out thousands of
 foals a year.  I don't know of any Arabian breeders who have the number
 of horses you are talking about.  >>

In Santa Ynez we have a number of large Arabian "puppy mills". Turning out 
not thousands (you're right) but hundreds of foals each year.  One of these 
is Magness Arabians Racing Ventures, they have literally hundreds of mares 
and when they cull the foals (at least as of a year ago), they sell the 
"culls" for $250 a piece and God knows what happens to the culls that nobody 
wants.  I rescued a colt from a big halter breeding operation that does 
pretty much the same thing (he was free, well-bred, and Sweepstakes nominated 
-- his condition was apalling because he was "thrown away" at birth).  I'd 
love to think that these things don't happen any where else, but they 
probably do.  I have no idea how these places stay afloat financially, but 
maybe its the gamble of breeding hundreds and getting one or two that you can 
sell for six digits that makes it feasible (although it would break MY 
heart).  Lif, I love to hear you speak about your horses and their breeding 
-- a whole different cup of tea -- and as it should be!


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