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Re: RC: RE: Apology

Having read all the emails my initial thought was oh gawd this is why I 
delisted from ridecamp last year - all the bitching , moaning and pissing 
about what is or isn't 'endurance'and no big suprise that this is an 
argument that rears its ugly head every so often in the UK.

It seems to fall into two categories :

a.if people haven't been above fifty or don't race - CTRs are Endurance ,or

b. if they go above fifty and race - lower mileage Ctrs are not endurance.

Funnily enough the ones who are in b category often have been category a's 
for some time and some of the category a's are lapsed catagory b's !

The toughest ride in the UK is the golden horse shoe this is a 100 miles CTR 
over two days. Due to a decline in entries and completions over the past 
decade theres talk of turning it into an ER - this would have a slower 
minimum time for completions(6mph) and more vet gates /rests for the horses 
anmd thereofre be easier.

For my money as some one who works full time and lives in a tiny very built 
up country, any one who has the time and dedication to train a horse to do 
distances of 20 miles or up deserves to be called an endurance rider, its 
just some endure more than others!

I wouldnt say some one who rides at novice level in Dressage isn't a 
dressage rider , they might be at a lower level than a grand prix rider, but 
they still participate in the same sport.

Its great that people have enough passion about their sport to be vocal in 
their opinions, but it seems churlish to me to denigrate some one for 
competing at a differing level to another particularly if you have no idea 
if this is caused by time, finance or other constraints.


>From: "Jerry Fruth" <>
>Subject: RC:   RE: Apology
>Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 09:13:23 -0500 (CDT)
>Ray, each to his own.  Interesting, those of us like to race don't sit
>around and bang those who choose other parts of our sport, like distance.
>There is something for allof us to set our goals toward.  Jerry
>Hickory Ridge Arabians web page:
>On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Ray wrote...
> >Kat,
> >	Well said!
> >Ray
> >
> >
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