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[Fwd: LONG X results and RM story -long]

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The results of the LONG X rides Aug 21 and 22 are:

Karen Frost won the 50 and took BC both days on Abu Ja Ben Isma; Karen
was sponsoring Kate Burgess on Mary Burgess's mare Ray Zi Onah because
Kate's mare, Moriah was off, Kate obeyed the golden rule and did not
make her sponsor race her for 1st place.  On Saturday we had 7 starters
on the 50 and all 7 finished.  One rider had to be treated (actually
only rested and cooled) a few minutes after finishing but thank goodness
there are no rules to DQ riders who need treatment within an hour of
finish, only the horses have to be healthy.

The biggest horse mishap was my own gelding got a nasty rope burn.  I
thought I knew how to avoid them, but I had my picket line a bit low,
figuring it was okay as long as the lead did not have slack in it, and
Grey hooked a hind leg over the lead, he must have been scratching his
head.  I don't think we'll make a single ride this season, earlier we
went through a long search to find a saddle to fit his changed back. 
Ahhh the benefits of dressage to strengthen your horses back.  Am busy
doctoring horses lately because my youngster decided Grey was getting
too much of my attention with the rope burn and cut a chunk of hide off
her back leg somehow.  

Our turnout was low, which in some ways was good since it saved me from
being over-whelmed, we did not have enough volunteers to handle a very
big ride.  The down side is the ride is in the red so we HAVE to try it
again next year to try and recoup losses - after all we have all those
extra completion awards bought to meet highest possible turnout.   The
volunteers and riders I had were all super.  My sister Naomi Van Hove
and Gary Loder were absolutely great, they were water crew, and also
helped mark trail, un-mark trail and just kept things running.   My
co-manager Lynette took almost all the entries as well as riding the CTR
event both days and helping mark and un-mark trail.  Our vet Vince
Stenson did a great job, helping us get P/R's as well as vetting the
horses.  And the riders were really great.  I did not have a body to
designate as timer so I was doing that and most of my riders did a super
job of keeping track of their own times.  I would see them heading for
the out-gate to re-tack, check my watch and sure enough they were out in
a few minutes.  I did have to remind a few experienced 50 milers on the
1st day  that they had to do their vet check in 20 minutes to leave on
time - could not believe they thought that because the vet took some of
the Pulses into the 1st hold they thought that was the check! They knew
better than that - it was just DIMR and the heat. Larry Nayes offered an
extra horse on day 1 so Phillip Voeller could ride - Voellers had left 2
horses they intended to ride at home because they were a little off. 
Mary Burgess let us borrow her handheld hrm to do P/R's while mine was
out doing an away check on the CTR and was just plain nice - even
forgave me for not getting the sign to basecamp at the corner in time
and she missed the turn after driving 10 hours from Bozeman MT - being
an experienced endurance rider she realized her mistake and found the
right "trail" w/o too much extra driving.  We had a ham radio club out
of Dickinson come out and help monitor the ride and that was just too
cool.  I've never been at a ride that had a radio club helping out, but
it was just wonderful as a RM to get updates that everyone was past a
certain point, the cows had discovered one of our supplemental tanks and
drained it so it needed refilling, etc, etc. 

I cannot help wishing that the AERC sanctioning was a little better
value. It was a pain discovering at practially the last minute that I
had to photocopy vet forms and things because they did not send forms
for each event unless they were carbons.  For the amount of money up
front and per-rider I think they should include the # of copies of each
thing that they want filled out and even an extra or 2 - I really felt
like it was stingy of them to make me photocopy things after paying to
sanction a 2nd event each day.  Oh well, I have my revenge because I did
not know what I was doing on the 1st BC forms so they have to deal with
a lot of crossing out and correcting.  

Have to say that while I'll be back next year in hopes that the
attendence is higher and the work is less on the second try I would have
passed if I had known ahead of time what I was getting into.  Lynette on
the other hand is full of steam for next year. Obviously I have to leave
way more to her next time around -)   
Hope I can actually ride with some of you before too much longer,next 
step is to get some pics on the Long X web site - especially for those
of you who don't believe ND has any real hills.  

Teresa Van Hove

Complete placing for the events is
Day 1 50 
1 Karen Frost  -      7:23  also BC riding Abu  Ja Ben Isma
2 Kate Burgess, Jr-   7:23  riding Ray Zi Onah
3 Karlene Vivirito    7:47  riding Glorieta Haziz
4 Jessica Voeller -JR 9:32  riding Wizard
5 Karlene Voeller     9:32  riding Delaney
6 Lory Sivertson      9:32  riding Mairs Showdown Doc - QH
7 DeAnne Knapp        9:32  riding Bill Bailey

Day 1 25 
1 Larry Nayes         4:46 riding Arcs Aldebaron
2 Laura Nayes, J      4:47 riding Cimarron
3 Allen Voeller       4:48 riding Abu MC Abu Blenadam
4 Phillip Voeller, J  4:49 riding IWF Bonus Birdi - Thanks Larry
  Phillip won BC on Buck as they called him.

Day 1 CTR - 400 possible points - fewest deducted wins.

1 Lynette Helgeson     395  riding CLoud Dancer - 
2nd/3rd Randy Helgeson 388  riding Dollar
2nd/3rd Susie Berg     388  riding Thunder
4th  Sharon Berg       357  riding Pepper

Day 2 50
1 Karen Frost  -  7:33 - also BC riding "Ben" again
2 Kate Burgess JR 7:33 - riding "Raison" again

Day 2 25

1 Laura Nayes, Jr  4:16 - riding "Baron"  
2 David Bernhardt  4:21 - riding Blue-a Dacona horse- also BC
3 Larry Nayes      4:22 - riding Lama

Day 2 CTR

1 Karlene Vivirito 395 riding  AKB  Perfec Tsun
2 Lynette Helgeson 394 riding Cloud Dancer
3 Randy Helgeson   393 riding Dollar 
4 Ashly Collins    389 riding AKB Nyssa
5 Debie Bernhardt  385 riding Max Kokola
6 Susan Berg       382 riding Thunder
7 DeAnne Knapp     376 riding Dame On Had A Beat
*8  Claude Clark   371 riding Daayy Daayy                
*9   Tim Clark     351 riding Baskadeer
*Show riders trying out distance riding - I think they enjoyed it, they
were taking pics and enjoying the view and not getting too serious the
1st time -a really cool attidude for trying something.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season -  good luck to Kate at X-P
and in her run for the Jr mileage award.

---- End included message ----

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