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Championships and the meaning of classic

Hello Kat,
do you  mean that you think that all it takes to  be the winning 
horse/ rider team in a 50 mile Championship ride is good luck, a 
matter of drawing straws?  You don't think that being the best at any 
distance is a reflection of great training, smart riding and talent?  
Many horses can finish 50 milers, but only great horses can perform 
greatly at whatever distance you select. 

Your description of  your frustration and struggle to complete a 100 
after what, a half dozen attempts?, certainly underscores the respect 
that distance commands.  However,  it seems to me that 
the definition of "classic" distance should not be taken to mean 
"unachievable for most".  Websters defines classic as a typical or 
perfect example.  Seems that 50s fit that definition both in the  
historical sense as well as in the contempory endurance scene, no? 
Since most endurance riders have or still do ride 50 mile events,  
the distance is something most riders can relate to, even though they 
may never get close to excelling at it. Not just "any member can 
become a national champion without riding their butt off"  and we 
should perhaps be a bit more respectful of what others have achieved, 
 Well, yet another person to stir the pot....

Beth Glace
Klass Act, just recovering from a good case of Lyme disease
from the granite cliffs and glacial lakes of New Paltz, NY

> > p.s.  I am still absolutley floored by the one contention that this
> > was a good Championship format because it makes the Championship
> > available to everybody not just those who dedicate themselves
> > to it.  If a good format is one that makes it so any member can
> > become national champion without riding their butt off all year
> > long...why don't we just draw straws...then everybody would
> > have the same chance?

Regards to all,

Beth Glace
Klass Act
Beth Glace, MS, CDN
Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
Lenox Hill Hospital
New York, NY

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