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RC: Re: CTR: Re: breeding -Reply

How truely sad and how common.  In Michigan there are several Arabian breders who also runs their "culls" through the local auction.  As the market for Arabians is not too hot, they often end up in homes not financially prepared for the costs of horse ownership or on a Japanese dinner table.

Several of these horses are exreamly well bred.  I saw a 14 year old Bandos daughter, imported from Poland, sell for $325 just two years ago.  I won't tell you who dumped her, I'll just say the horse they show and represent is ALWAYS on the back cover of Arab Horse World.  I rescued an Apollo Bey son for $175.00 once, he was also a cull from the stable who owns Apollo, ironically he was registered.

Here's the trick these breeders play, breed as many mares as possible at home, dump the culls unregistered and keep the best.  Then tell everyone your stallion produces nothing but the best and show them the foals that made it through the culls.

When you add money to anything, morals, sympathies, conscience and general accountability go out the window.  What you are left with is the raw pursuit of POWER, and power is money and the ability to boast and brag and be esteemed by your peers.

Will this ever stop?  I doubt it, not as long as the public keeps buying horses and breedings.  As long as there is money in it, people without scruples will be involved.

The lesson here - only breed what you will be responsible for, and that means for the entire life of the animal, not just until it leaves with the first buyer.

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