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Re: RC: Cosequin Junk?

The ride is still open.  I am sure that if anyone with any name went and
took on all comers and won, they'd get invited.  So it's not too late.  Of
course it's easier to whine.

Truman wrote:

> >From Ridecamp Cosequin post:
> "LATE BREAKING INFO... I was just informed today that the TOP 5 COSEQUIN
> 100 FEI FINISHERS will be evaluated (i.e. conside=
> red) for invitation to compete in an exclusive $100,000 event held in
> the UAE."
> Does this mean that you will be "considered"  and invited only if your
> last name starts with "K", "W" or "R?"
> Steve Shaw

Truman Prevatt
Brooksville, FL

Mystic "The Horse from Hell" Storm
Buck's Mystic Karma
Rocket a.k.a. Mr. Misty
Jordy a.k.a. Bridger (when he is good)
Danson Flame - Hot Dog I'm healed and ready to go.

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