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Re: RC: endurance scripture & Cold melon soup

In response to the letters requesting the scriptures...they are the following:

Being strengthened with all power acording to His glorious might so that you 
may have great ENDURANCE and patience.       Col. 1:11


May the God who gives ENDURANCE and encouragement give you a spirit of unity 
among that with one heart and mouth you may glorify God.      
 Rom. 15:5,6

Here is the recipe for that melon soup (by popular demand):
   You may use any fruit that can be blended for this recipe:
I used a very, very ripe cantaloupe for is our favorite.

Blend melon in blender....add 1/4 cup French Vanilla creamer found in the 
refrig. section with the milks...blend and can sprinkle nutmeg 
on top before serving. Very cold and refreshing. (So easy it's embarrassing)
  Thanks for all your responses to Ed's really was great being a 
part  of his endurance riding and I hope I never miss another one!!  We had a 
wonderful time together and look forward to going again in two weeks. Hope to 
meet more of you. Stop by our tent for some cold soup.:)

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