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scissor snaps

I have found a way to keep scissor snaps on reins from opening when a 
horse rubs his head.  I came out of a waterhole one time with neither 
rein attached, you never saw such a fast emergency dismount while trying 
to hold the reins under his neck so he couldn't take off and leave me.  
Use either a rubberband and loop it around the top of the snap or better 
still the plastic loops that Teddy uses on her biothane tack to keep the 
ends in place.  You can buy plastic tubing at the hardware store and cut 
to the proper width.  It works like a charm as it is much harder to open 
the snap with the plastic loop over the snap.  By the way Jerry's Irene 
is a great looking guy and and a great mover as well.  I saw him at the 
OD this year. 
Louise and Winston

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