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The Saddle Hunt - One more time...

Hi all,
    I just got a brand new, very nifty, arab gelding.  Unfortunately my current saddles are not gonna work on him, his name is Sabre and I think they named him for his withers...  <bg>   He's not terribly thin, just a rather lanky boy.   After chasing him in a circle with my boyfriend's 65 pound roping saddle on my shoulder, I have decided I need a new saddle that's light AND fits him.  What companys sell saddles with trees that work well on high withered lanky arabs?   Any advice would be appreciated, my experience with endurance saddles is VERY limited.  (like non-existent!)  I usually ride a barrel saddle but I sold it before I got Sabre and am now stuck with the aforementioned really-large-boyfriend-saddle.  In the interest of self-preservation, I would like to find one with a saddle horn. <bg>
Rachael "Don't buck Sabre!" 
Sabre "You mean like this?"  WEEEEEEEEE!!!

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