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Re: Big South Fork

>I was wondering if you could tell me something about the Big South 
>Fork ride
>in Tennessee.

It's a wonderful ride.  Seems like it's divided up 3 ways (usually, this
year will vary I guess) with one away check.  There is lots of up and
down, but if you take it easy I think you'll be fine.  

On the trail we've always done before there is one LONG steep climb
coming up out of the river gorge and I usually walk the whole thing.  I
used to walk it on foot, but my knee is worse and my horse is better now.
 You go all the way down into the gorge, cross the river, and back up the
other side to the vet check, then have to turn around and go back to camp
almost the same way.  The last loop was fairly flat and had some sand. 
The surface of the trails is crushed gravel in many places.  It holds up
great in the rain, and isn't the sort of rock that sores them...pretty
cushy.  Facilities are great.  There's a really nice campground about 300
yards from camp with hot showers, etc.

Big South Fork is where horse people go when they die as far as I'm
concerned.  It's the only park I've ever seen where the horses seem to
have top priority.  I believe I've done the ride every time they've had
it. My horse loves that trail.  By the way, there's just a couple of
rides per year where the whole family goes.  This is one.  Tell the kids
to bring their bikes.


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