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Re: The things you learn....

I hate to advertize ignorance, but what's "corto"?

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> Just got back from a short ride today (about 5 miles...which is what we
> up to in conditioning).  We picked up the pace today, not because I
> necessarily wanted to, but because of the bugs.  Until today, we've been
> doing between 3 and 5 miles at a walk/corto with an occasional canter
> in for fun and variety.  Today, I found Alpine's gait...
> We were corto'ing along very nicely when out of nowhere came a multitude
> big black horseflies.  There must have been about a hundred of the little
> bloodsuckers.  In order to get out of the bugs faster, Alpine picked up a
> canter, which I insisted he slow down.  He went into the nicest, rocking
> chair, slow canter I have ever had the opportunity to ride.  We did this
> about a mile and a half and he wasn't even winded when I insisted he slow
> down ( I think he would have gone forever).  Wow!  I didn't know he had
> nice gait!  I think I have found my gait....  :)  Well, after that bit of
> canter, we walked for about a mile, then corto'd slowly for about 1/2
> then walked the last mile in.  What a nice ride.  Now, if we could just
> eradicate the bugs, we'd be fine!
> Juli and Alpine (That was fun mom, can we play again?????)
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